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The Natural Bar Soap Company

About Our Mission


Modern science has no doubt paved the way for numerous improvements and advancements in the products we use daily.

But with progress, creativity becomes stifled. Modern innovation has become a way to mass produce artificial, lifeless, soul-less, and frankly boring skin care products.

The mechanization of human creativity has no role in the making of a beautiful bar of handmade, natural soap.

We at The Natural Bar Soap Company reject the sterile and unimaginative soaps and toiletries that the corporate behemoths mass-produce and push on the market. We also believe that "natural soap" should not contain synthetic content.

We choose to celebrate and embrace good old-fashioned creativity, and wholesome, all-natural ingredients.

We have embarked on an imaginative adventure, to discover interesting and useful natural soap making ingredients that we use to create adventurous new formulas. Our soaps are as much a treat for your unique aesthetic taste, as they are for your skin! We've found there's nothing that treats our skin more kindly than our olive oil soap-based all natural bar soap.

Our creative soap making passion is reflected in every bar of natural soap we make. From our whimsically swirled natural soaps, colored only with natural plant powders and clays, to our "chunky" soaps featuring artistically embedded pieces of contrast-colored soap, each of our handmade soaps is a work of useful, natural soap art!

We didn't start down our soapy path out of a fear of long chemical listings on commercial products or because we were searching for a cure for skin problems. We started because we crave the adventurously creative pursuit of making soap naturally.

Sticking to natural ingredients satisfies our need to discover and create, and supplies us with the best darned handmade soap we've ever used.

In fact, our skin loves this stuff! Why would we ever go back to the commercial stuff when our adventurous, all natural handmade soap is so good? We invite you to ditch your commercially made skin products, too, and come along on our Steampunk inspired adventure. Discover the goodness of our naturally adventurous, handmade soap!

P.S. We have no affiliates, subsidiaries or franchises, and do not purchase wholesale soap for resale under our label. Our business is the one-of-a-kind original located in the Appalachian mountain area of Maryland. Look for our logo- It's our sign of authenticity! Our soaps are handformulated, handmade, handcut, and handwrapped by the Soap Alchemist herself, with occasional help from the family, in our family "Lab," otherwise known as our home. We invite you to connect with us on Facebook, too, and share even more soap fun!