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The Natural Bar Soap Company

Customer Service

Commitment to Cruelty Free Quality

The Natural Bar Soap Company abhors the practice of testing bath products on animals, and can assure you that we Do Not Test our Products on Animals, nor do we test our raw ingredients on animals. Instead, we choose to "test" our products on friends and family before offering them to the public. We feel that not only do humans give much more useful feedback, but their services are provided without coercion, force, or even payment. Nothing gets sold on our site that hasn't passed their stringent standards.  

Natural Soap?

In the sea of natural products confronting the consumer these days, we think it necessary to explain our "naturalness." Our soaps are made with ingredients which were made only with components that exist in nature. Our vegetable oils are obviously natural, in spite of their being collected and purified by modern techniques. Our essential oils are much the same; distilled or expelled from the flowers/roots/leaves/stems and other parts of plants. But what of the fragrance blends? While most fragrance are made with artificial ingredients, or a blend of natural and artificial ingredients, our natural fragrances are certified by our suppliers to contain no artificial raw materials. They are made completely with naturally occurring isolated scent compounds. These isolates are blended together to create scents reminiscent of things for which no essential oil exists, including fruit scents such as pear, apple and raspberry, and "foodie" scents such as chocolate, cake, and vanilla icing. Each ingredient that goes into our certified natural fragrance blends is a naturally occurring scent compound, expertly blended by professionals in the growing natural scent industry. Finally, let's discuss lye. Sodium Hydroxide. Although it is made by human hands in large chemical plants, the ingredients are quite natural and can most likely be found in your home kitchen. The reaction that creates lye is called "electrolysis," and can be accomplished using salt, unflavored gelatin, water and an electrical current supplied via battery. Rather than creating lye ourselves, however, (the reaction creates chlorine gas-- highly toxic!! and flammable hydrogen gas), we prefer to purchase our food-grade, ultra-pure lye from a reputable chemical supply company.

 Green Business

We use eco-friendly packaging, including 100% post-consumer recycled paper shred and recycled-content cardboard gift boxes and shipping boxes, or United States Postal Service packaging, most of which is made of recycled content. The bags used to wrap our gift boxes are completely biodegradable cellophane, made from wood cellulose. The paper bags we provide at shows are made of 100% post-consumer content, and the plastic bags we provide at shows are made not only with 100% recycled plastic but they contain a bio-additive that allows them to BIO-DEGRADE (!!!) quickly and naturally. We recycle all packaging material that accompanies our raw materials, and donate packing peanuts to our local post office for re-use. Our soap labels are printed on recycled paper.  

Shipping & Delivery

With our Steampunk-inspired dirigible still in its development stage and our pedal-powered flying machine in the shop, we must rely on the United States Post Office and their Priority Mail Shipping Services to ship your natural soap order. They assure us they can deliver your package within 7 business days (not including weekends, of course). We charge a FLAT RATE shipping fee of just $7.00 for ALL orders, regardless of the number of bars you purchase! While it may seem high to some, compare our shipping with shipping fees charged by other online retailers, particularly those using exclusively FedEx or UPS. Our price is generally considerably lower. Please do not email us to ask for less expensive shipping options. Priority Mail is the ONLY USPS service that provides delivery confirmation, which is essential and necessary to ensure proof that your product was received. Due to the costly nature of transatlantic flight, we regret that we are unable to fulfill international orders at this time. For our patrons living within reasonable driving distances of our soap making factory, we invite you to use code PICKUP in the code box at checkout. For this, you will receive an immediate credit equal to our nominal shipping rate. You will be contacted shortly thereafter to arrange the pickup details. 

Privacy & Security

In this age of cybercrime and rampant spam attacks, we give you our word that we will not share, lend, give, sell or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone, at any time, for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to your address (physical and cyber), phone numbers, order history, and credit card information. Additionally, our website is PCI Compliant, a payment card industry requirement that assures your credit card information is entered safely and securely. Our site is protected by an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate, which provides a layer of state of the art encryption whenever information is entered on our site. 

Returns & Replacements

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having received an item that falls short of your expectations (no matter how lofty they may have been), you may return it to us, with its original packaging, for a refund, replacement or alternate item, within 30 days of the original order date. Please include the original invoice, along with a note detailing the reason for your return, and your preferences concerning the action you would like taken. We regret that we are unable to refund shipping costs. Due to health/sanitary concerns, we are unable to return any items that have been opened or used in any way.


Through the wonders of mechanical technology, The Natural Bar Soap Company makes its amazing handmade soap products available to anyone possessing a computer engine with access to the world wide web. It cannot be any more simple than this! Simply peruse our electronic catalog, select the soaps, lotions and lip balms you wish to delight your skin with, and proceed to checkout. Items marked "Out of Stock" cannot be ordered until they are once again in stock. Adding "Out of Stock" items to your cart will prove to be fruitless, as they will not be added, since they are not available. If you would like to be notified when a particular soap is again available, please use the Contact Us link to drop us a note. Likewise, If the quantity you desire is not available, and you click "Add to Cart," the product will not be added to your cart. Please decrease your requested quantity, and Contact Us so that we can advise you when more is available. Be mindful of providing us with accurate names, addresses and contact information so that your order may arrive as quickly as possible. Errors will cause delays! Orders cannot be changed once submitted through the technological gateway, so be sure to give yourself ample time and order only when you are sure you are pleased with your selections. If you wish to order additional items, you must complete a new order. Cancellations of submitted orders will incur a 20% handling ("nuissance") fee, which will be deducted from your refund amount. Phone orders are not encouraged. Please place orders using the website.

Wholesale Opportunities

Retailers interested in offering our handmade soaps to their customers can contact us or use this link to get further information concerning our program. We do require you to fax a copy of your reseller/tax ID certificate, as well as register with our company. Opening wholesale orders must equal at least $250 in merchandise, prior to discount.

Custom Handmade Soap

Custom Handmade Soap makes wonderful, useful and unique shower favors, wedding favors, party favors and gifts. If you are interested in custom handmade soap, please contact us! Choose from full size bars, 2 x 2 squares, 2" circles, and more. The soaps can be cut in many thicknesses. Choose from any of our scents and colors, or request something different. We can imprint your soap with custom designs, make custom labels to coordinate with your theme and/or invitations, and more! We welcome custom orders, and are happy to give references from satisfied customers.


Our generously sized natural bar soaps surpass in size all those hitherto classified as "natural soap bars," and weigh approximately 6 ounces when they are first cut, and cure to approximately 5.5 oz. Some variation does occur, however, due to the handcrafted nature of our handmade soap. Please understand they we do our very best to be consistent, but we are not machines, and therefore, cannot be as exacting as our mass-producing counterparts. This is part of the beauty of a handmade natural soap! Many of our natural soap competitors make quite boring soap, often in much smaller sizes, and charge higher amounts, while you get an artistically rendered piece of practical beauty for less. We feel that our soaps represent the highest quality, and design. We are pleased to accept cards bearing the VISA or MasterCard logo, and PayPal. If you experience any difficulties whatsoever with our ordering procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us:

New Customers, Skin Sensitivities

The Natural Bar Soap Company handcrafts our natural soaps and bath products using ingredients that are generally regarded as safe, and which do not normally cause allergic reactions in most people. That being said, all skin is different, and your skin may not react to an ingredient in the same way that someone else's skin may. For this reason, it is recommended that a patch test be performed any time you use a body product for the first time. To do so, simply apply the product to a small patch of skin (the inside of an elbow is perfect). If you are testing a soap product, wash the area the same way that you normally would, using the new soap. Wait 24 hours. If you notice redness or irritation you should discontinue use of the product, and consult with a health care professional if necessary. If you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in our soaps, please do not use them.


The Natural Bar Soap Company was established in 2009, in Maryland USA. We operate out of one location, and have no franchises. Unfortunately, there is nothing that prohibits someone from dropping "THE" and operating under a similar name, in spite of the confusion it causes. Please remember to use THE in front of our business name, or access our website directly at DISCLAIMER: The information contained in and the products sold on our website are not intended to cure, treat or diagnose disease, and are not intended to substitute for the advice and/or care of a health care professional. If you are unsure about using our products on your skin, please consult with your health care professional. LEGAL/COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All product names, business names, titles, information, writing, paragraphs, text, information, icons, pictures, graphics and everything else on this website and our associated sites, including facebook, wordpress, twitter and others, belongs to us, and is protected under the following: United States Copyright Law,  Millennium Digital Copyright Act, United States Trademark Law, i.e. The Lanham Act,  Anti-cyber-squatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). In short, none of our stuff can be used, shared, copied, duplicated or stolen without our written permission. We work hard to produce unique content and will aggressively pursue and/or prosecute those who violate our rights.

Should You Wish To Get In Touch or See Us in Person

Our preferred method of contact is email. Please send your questions or comments to We check email often throughout the day and will return to you with an answer quite quickly. You can also find us on Facebook at, and message us there. Like email, we check this often throughout the day and are generally very quick to respond.

If you would like to send correspondence, please direct your mail to The Natural Bar Soap Company, P.O. Box 2, Maugansville MD 21767.

We participate in numerous craft shows around the Mid Atlantic, Appalachian region of  Washington County, Frederick County, and Montgomery County, Maryland, inlcuding shows in Leitersburg, Maugansville, Williamsport, Boonsboro, Greencastle, Chambersburg, Smithsburg, Ringgold, Waynesboro, Sharpsburg, Shepherdstown, Frederick, Thurmont, Cascade, Blue Ridge Summit, and   Silver Spring. If you know of some really great shows that you'd like us to participate in, please drop us a note at You can find our current show schedule, and a list of our past shows on our Blog. 


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