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Lavendin Grosso Essential Oil [Pure Aromatherapeutic Grade, 1.0 fl. oz.]

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Quick Overview

Lavendin is a French hybrid of lavender, a product of English and Portuguese Lavender.

  • The scent is recognized as Lavender, although rather than musty undertones, it has a fresh green note.
  • Relaxingly fragrant, sweet, warm scent.

    Lavender has been used throughout history to soothe and calm, relieve muscular aches and pains, relieve emotional stress and chest congestion, promote sleep and reduce anxiety. Lavender Oil is also purported to reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, deodorize, and repel mosquitos.

    Lavender (lavendula augustifolia)

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    Historical Significance

    This is a 100% pure lavender oil containing both Bulgarian and French lavender essential oils. Perfumiers blend oils from various regions, harvests and growing seasons to create the 40/42. This allows for a consistent and balanced scent which is the most recognizable of all lavender scents.

    Although technically non-therapeutic, this Lavender essential oil's scent is the golden standard. And, because it is made with pure oils, it retains lavender's most beneficial properties.

    A couple drops in bath water surrounds you with a calming, relaxing scent. A few drops on a cotton ball in your purse will allow the scent to follow you about your day. Added to flower petals that have been dried in your microwave for a minute or so, a few drops of lavender 40/42 makes a lovely potpourri.

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    For additional information, we suggest "The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: A Complete Guide to the Use of Aromatics in Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Health and Well-Being" by Julia Lawless.

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    Formula No. N/A
    Scent Lavender, with a slightly green note.
    Ingredients Steam distilled, pure aromatherapeutic grade lavendin grosso essential oil.

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