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Vaporous Gelatine™ [4 oz. water-based room scent with aromatherapeutic essential oils]

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Quick Overview

  • Non-toxic water absorbing gel contains scent which enters your room as the water evaporates.
  • Additional water can be added as product becomes dry.
  • Lightly scents bedrooms and bathrooms. Additional jars can be used to scent larger areas.
  • Gel may be disposed of in a trash receptacle, compost bin, or garden.
  • Due to the water absorbing properties of the gel, disposal in drains is not recommended.
  • Includes a solid metal lid to cover product when scent is not desired.
Gel Air Freshener

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Historical Significance
One day, while conducting experiments in her ship-board laboratory, the Soap Alchemist discovered an amazing and futuristic ingredient that expanded and turned to gel when water was added to it. Her ever-inquisitive nature led her to add essential oil to it, and behold! A new product was created! Especially helpful for refreshing the stagnant air below deck on the HMS Helvetica, her new Vaporous Gelatine was an instant hit among the crew.
Formula No. N/A
Scent Your choice!
Ingredients Biodegradable & non-toxic water absorbing gel, distilled water, essential oil.

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