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The Alchemist's Adventure into Handmade Soap

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While aboard the time-traveling H.M.S. Helvetica, one crew member, a self-proclaimed chemistry geek with a fondness for science-related pastimes, uncovered the secret to making adventurously natural,  handmade soap. They nicknamed her "The Soap Alchemist."

By expertly blending pure vegetable oils with colorants and scents that contain only 100% natural ingredients, she perfected the craft of all natural soapmaking.

The crew found her handmade soap to be incredible! It cleans gently, lathers, and leaves skin feeling amazing!

The Soap Alchemist's creativity grew with every batch of handmade soap she made.

Her bars became beautiful works of art as she learned to swirl natural botanicals into the batter using different techniques and handmade tools. She discovered intriguing new ingredients that scent soaps naturally but also uses pure, aroma-therapeutic grade essential oils. With the crew and Captain cheering her on, The Soap Alchemist's adventurous soap making spirit has literally taken flight.

She and the crew of the allegorical HMS Helvetica journey throughout the Googlesphere discovering and procuring exciting natural ingredients to be used in her fanciful, skin-pleasing natural soaps.

While the Captain and crew concern themselves with the details of the voyages, the Soap Alchemist can be found in her shipboard laboratory, measuring and mixing their finds to create new and wonderful natural handmade soap creations.

Limited only by her own creativity and adventurous spirit, there's no end in sight to her natural, handmade soap making addiction.