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Best Selling Handmade Soap

Best Selling Handmade Soap

Treat yourself to the affordable luxury of handmade soap! Our resident Soap Alchemist makes every bar of this natural soap from scratch. Her hands-on approach to the craft of soap making ensures that her soaps reflect her adventurously creative spirit. Selecting environmentally sustainable vegetable oils and Certified Natural scents and colors, The Soap Alchemist has created many enticing varieties of handmade soap with which to tempt you. Here, we present her most popular, best selling handmade soaps. To see even more all natural handmade soaps as well as natural lotions and lip balms, use the navigation bar above to peruse our entire line of products.

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  1. Handmade Natural Unscented Olive Oil Soap

    No. 1: Alchemist's Invention™ [Fragrance-Free Olive Oil Soap, 5.5 oz]

    • Our best selling, Gentle & Mild original formula!
    • Clean rinsing, all natural olive oil soap
    • Fragrance Free!
    • Large, 5.5 oz. bar
    • Sulfate-Paraben-Petroleum-Product free!
    • Abundantly bubbly!
    • No artificial colors
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  2. Natural Cedarwood Sage Soap

    No. 4: Steam Spirit™ [Cedar & Clary Sage Soap, 5.5 oz]

    A little bit earthy and woodsy with a touch of spice. This popular bar of soap has excellent moisturizing abilities thanks to our gentle, olive oil recipe. Naturally colored with swirls of turmeric, rosemary powder and green clay. Learn More

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  3. No. 5: Lemon Electra™ [Lemon Poppyseed Soap, 5.5 oz]
  4. All-Natural olive oil soap
  5. Lightly exfoliating blueberry seeds lend a welcome scrub.
  6. Scented with pure Litsea Cubeba, Lime and Sweet Orange essential oils.
  7. Litsea essential oil is high in Citral, a scent isolate that smells bright, tart and lemony.
  8. Lusciously lathering with big, creamy bubbles.
  9. Leaves skin soft and smooth.
  10. Glycerin rich- moisture rich.
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  • Almond Honey Oatmeal Soap

    No. 10: Mooky Cake™ [Honey & Almond Oatmeal Soap, 5.5 oz]

    • Scrub filthy grime away with the goodness of oatmeal soap.
    • Great exfoliating texture!
    • Gently cleansing.
    • Strong almond scent.
    • Bubbly, large 5.5 oz. bar.
    • Natural olive oil and oatmeal soap formula.
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  • lavender soap natural handmade

    No. 11: Devotion™ [Lavender Alkanet Soap, 5.5 oz]

    • All natural, handmade olive oil soap, scented with pure, aromatherapeutic grade lavendin oil.
    • Lavendin is a hybrid of English and Portuguese lavender.
    • Castor oil gives a boost of lather and gentle conditioning.
    • Colored with alkanet root, a natural colorant made of dried Bugloss plant root. 
    • Lavender contains richly aromatic esters that contribute tonic and antispasmodic properties
    • Lavender is naturally antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory and has been used to promote respiratory relief.
    • Current batch features a cream colored background with swirls of heathered purple alkanet throughout.
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  • Spearmint Tea Tree Soap

    No. 13: Cataclysmic Cleanse™ [Spearmint Tea Tree Soap, 5.5 oz]

    An energizing, awakening bar of soap featuring spearmint, tea tree and bergamot essential oils, with a touch of French Green Clay in a bubbly, all natural soap base of olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable organic palm oil, and castor oil. Learn More
  • handmade patchouli natural soap

    No. 28: Earthy Expedition™ [Patchouli Soap, 5.5 oz] New non-abrasive recipe!

    The Soap Alchemist's original olive oil soap formula blended with 100% pure patchouli oil, bergamot and grapefruit essential oils. This natural soap bar is colored with rose kaolin clay and has a lightly speckled appearance from ground rosemary. *Due to customer feedback, we now offer Earthy Expedition as a creamy smooth, non-exfoliating bar* Learn More
  • Lime Coriander

    No. 41: Blimey! [Lime & Coriander Soap, 5.5 oz]

    • A gentle, handmade olive oil soap that cleanses mildly and rinses completely.
    • Bentonite clay improves the "slip" of this soap, helping razors to glide, making this soap particularly nice as a shaving soap.
    • The citric acid component of lime essential oil helps to pH balance soap recipes, and provides a refreshing scent similar to lemon, but described by some as more "floral" than lemon. Citrus soaps are excellent for penetrating surface oils and dirt.
    • Coriander Seed essential oil has a spicy, woody aroma, and has been relied on to combat digestive issues, as well as fatigue. It is a revitalizing stimulant, with analgesic, antibacterial, anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, and fungicidal poroperties.
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  • patchouli jasmine orange handmade natural soap
  • spearmint frankincense handmade natural soap
  • handmade natural grapefruit raspberry soap

    No. 46: Tart Temptation™ [Raspberry & Grapefruit Soap, 5.5 oz.]

    Warm and tart, our new all-natural handmade Raspberry & Grapefruit scented soap has been quite a crowd-pleaser at shows! Made with our signature olive oil soap batter and scented with Certified 100% natural fragrance, this soap lathers profusely, cleans gently and rinses completely. Learn More
  • No. 92: Pocket Watch [Amber Musk & Vanilla, 5.5 oz.]
  • All-Natural olive oil soap.
  • Scented with a 100% natural fragrance blend, which contains no synthetic content.
  • Warm, cozy vanilla with an earthy musk-like note.
  • Beautiful speckled bar with powdered Hibiscus Flower swirls.
  • Lusciously lathering with big, creamy bubbles.
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth.
  • Glycerin rich- moisture rich.
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  • handmade natural soap gift set

    Natural Soap Gift Set [With your choice of one natural soap, 2 oz. lotion and ayate accessory.]


    Choose your favorite handmade soap, lotion and bath accessory, and they'll come attractively packaged in our signature box, with fine paper shred.

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  • natural handmade soap gift card

    Natural Bar Soap Co. Gift Card [Send a gift via email, today!]

    From $10.00
    Oh, the wonders of the modern age! We find it fascinating that with a few clicks on your keyboard, you can share the goodness of an all natural bar of soap, lip balm or lotion with your friends and family. Our e-gift card lets them choose their varieties, while you get all the credit for having such great taste in gift giving! Learn More
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