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No. 6: Victoria's Vitrage™ [Citrus & Herb Soap, 5.5 oz]

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Formerly called "Mosaic," this natural soap is one of the most popular natural soaps at The Natural Bar Soap Company. Like colorful Vitrage windows found in highly ornamented cathedrals, this natural soap features colorful chunks of many of our natural soap selections. The scent is predominantly citrus, with an herbal cedar & clary sage undertone.
Vitrage Mosaic Olive Oil Natural Soap Bar

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Historical Significance

Victoria, a loyal friend of The Soap Alchemist, had always dreamed of learning the art of Vitrage; the meticulous craft of piecing colorful, precisely cut, jewel-toned glass into masterful windows worthy of the most majestic Cathedrals.

The Soap Alchemist, who often dabbled in genealogy, had recently discovered that her ancestors from 19th century Namur, Belgium had been employed in that very field. Upon hearing this, Victoria's passion was excited that much more.

They approached the Captain of the H.M.S. Helvetica with a proposal. If he would take Victoria back in time to learn about Vitrage from the Soap Alchemist's Belgian family, the Soap Alchemist would create a soap for the Captain to honor the adventure.

This was a proposal the good Captain, being hopelessly addicted to the Soap Alchemist's beautiful natural soaps, could not refuse.

Formula No. 006
Scent Citrus and Herb Soap
Ingredients Olive oil, water, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, essential oil (bergamot, bladderwrack, cedar leaf, clary sage, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, oakmoss, lavender, mandarin orange, neroli, petitgrain, rose, sandalwood, spearmint), rosemary powder, kaolin clay, goat's milk, nutmeg, blueberry seeds, lavender buds, chamomile buds.

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