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The Natural Bar Soap Company

Why Natural Soap?

Because Natural Soap is Made with Simple, Naturally Skin-Friendly Ingredients

Our handcrafted natural soaps begin with the selection of natural vegetable oils, butters, essential oils, and Certified 100% natural essential oils and scent blends. Each of these natural ingredients imparts unique, skin-pleasing qualities to the finished bars of natural soap.

For example, our Soap Alchemist chooses coconut oil for it's natural ability to create a hard bar soap with loads of bubbly lather. She also loves to use olive oil because of its all nautral, creamy, moisturizing effects.

Carefully selected essential oils and certified natural fragrances are used as much for their interesting scents as for their lack of artificial ingredients. The Soap Alchemist finds enough variety in natural soap ingredients that she sees no reason to turn to artificial ones when making soaps for her adventurously natural line of products.

Whether you are looking for a creamy facial soap, a moisturizing all-purpose everyday bath soap, or one that's kind to sensitive skin, we are certain you will find just the natural soap bars you're looking for at The Natural Bar Soap Company.

Glycerin is the True Secret Behind Our Awesome Natural Soap

So, just what makes The Natural Bar Soap Company's soap different from many commercially available "unnatural" bar soaps? The quick answer is "glycerin."

Bear with us as we present a short, but helpful primer on how natural soap is made.  To make soap, we combine vegetable oils with a strong basic solution of water and sodium hydroxide, commonly known as "lye." Vegetable oils naturally contain fatty acids and glycerol. When the fatty acids and glycerol are combined and reacted with the lye to make soap batter, glycerin is naturally created. After pouring the soap batter into a mold and letting it rest overnight, it transforms into a batch of skin-pleasing, handmade natural soap that is naturally rich in glycerin.

Glycerin is far more than a byproduct of the soap making process. A natural humectant, glycerine is responsible for much of the wonderful moisturizing qualities of handcrafted natural soap. Humectants naturally draw moisture to themselves, and are quite beneficial in skin care products, due to their ability to hydrate skin.

Glycerine is also valued in other industries. Historically, glycerin has been used as a preservative, a lubricant, to make dynamite, candies & frosting, and even as an antifreeze!

To increase profit, glycerin can be extracted and sold to these industries. Without glycerin, soap bars become harsh and stripping. To create more favorable qualities in harsh soap, many commercial soap manufacturers turn to inexpensive synthetic ingredients. Mineral oil is an example of a petrochemical commonly added to increase moisturizing ability.

Our Natural Soap Line Doesn't Contain Unnecessary Synthetics

Synthetic substitutes aren't necessary to make incredible bar soaps. Just to be clear, we're not at all "anti-science."  In fact, our love of chemistry is what started us down the path of soap making. But we've discovered that our soaps made using only natural ingredients, have exactly the properties we enjoy most in a bar of bath soap. And, while you can certainly get some wonderful scents using synthetic fragrances, we think the soaps we make naturally are pretty awesome smelling, too!

At The Natural Bar Soap Company, we're dedicated to making handmade natural soap with natural ingredients. No synthetic detergents. No petro-based moisturizers. No artificial fragrances or colors. Our natural soaps make perfect bath soaps, facial soaps and body soaps. They are lusciously creamy, lather beautifully and come in a wide variety of natural fragrances. Each of our natural soaps, including our lavender soaps, oatmeal soaps and goat milk soaps, will rival any natural soaps you've used elsewhere. And, because our natural soaps are olive oil soaps, they always clean gently and mildly. We think you'll agree that there's no reason to clean with anything but natural soap.


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