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Soap for Ladies

Soap for Ladies

Our delightfully scented and lovely textured natural soap for ladies will gently care for your skin.

Despite our modern times' abundance of expensive, name brand cosmetic cleansers, our olive-oil rich, handmade natural soap remains our favorite way to gently cleanse and moisturize our skin. This collection of impeccably handmade soap offers the natural scents and colors ordered most often by our female customers.

Handy Tip: Our oversized natural soaps may be cut in half to make two smaller soaps for ladies' hands.

A half bar fits perfectly inside our Ayate Fiber Soap bag!

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  1. Handmade Natural Unscented Olive Oil Soap

    No. 1: Alchemist's Invention™ [Fragrance-Free Olive Oil Soap, 5.5 oz]

    • Our best selling, Gentle & Mild original formula!
    • Clean rinsing, all natural olive oil soap
    • Fragrance Free!
    • Large, 5.5 oz. bar
    • Sulfate-Paraben-Petroleum-Product free!
    • Abundantly bubbly!
    • No artificial colors
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  2. Vanilla Berry Soap

    No. 2: Airship Elixir™[Black Currant & Vanilla Soap, 5.5 oz]

    • Natural olive oil soap
    • Bubbly, luxurious lather.
    • Sweet, warm vanilla and currant scent
    • Organic, sustainable palm oil
    • Skin friendly Rose Clay
    • 100% Certified Natural Fragrance
    • Phthalate free with no synthetic chemicals.
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  3. No. 5: Lemon Electra™ [Lemon Poppyseed Soap, 5.5 oz]
  4. All-Natural olive oil soap
  5. Lightly exfoliating blueberry seeds lend a welcome scrub.
  6. Scented with pure Litsea Cubeba, Lime and Sweet Orange essential oils.
  7. Litsea essential oil is high in Citral, a scent isolate that smells bright, tart and lemony.
  8. Lusciously lathering with big, creamy bubbles.
  9. Leaves skin soft and smooth.
  10. Glycerin rich- moisture rich.
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  • Lavender Vanilla Soap

    No. 7: Fatal Attraction [Vanilla & Anise Soap, 5.5 oz]

    An all natural olive oil soap with mesmerizing gray swirls of bamboo charcoal! Sensually scented with an intriguing and lightly sweet licorice scent, reminiscent of licorice hard candy and Black Jack taffy. Learn More
  • Rose Floral Soap

    No. 8: Belle Epoque™ [Petitgrain and Rose Soap, 5.5 oz.]

    • Gentle Olive Oil Soap Formula. 
    • Great for Face, Body and even Hair!
    • Flowery, Sweet Scented Natural Soap
    • Scented with a blend reminiscent of sweet, bright, rosy florals.
    • Skin-Refining Rose Kaolin Clay
    • Naturally Colored.
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  • Shea butter soap

    No. 9: Triple Buttercream™ [Fragrance-Free Shea Butter Soap, 5.5 oz]

    • Our richest and creamiest natural soap made with three vitamin-rich natural butters!
    • Includes exotic Mango Butter, velvety Cocoa Butter, and nutrient-dense, unrefined Shea Butter.
    • This soap has a very faint scent of cocoa butter, but contains no added fragrance.
    • Swirled with skin-refining rose Kaolin clay.
    • Luxuriously creamy lather rinses cleanly.
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  • Almond Honey Oatmeal Soap

    No. 10: Mooky Cake™ [Honey & Almond Oatmeal Soap, 5.5 oz]

    • Scrub filthy grime away with the goodness of oatmeal soap.
    • Great exfoliating texture!
    • Gently cleansing.
    • Strong almond scent.
    • Bubbly, large 5.5 oz. bar.
    • Natural olive oil and oatmeal soap formula.
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  • lavender soap natural handmade

    No. 11: Devotion™ [Lavender Alkanet Soap, 5.5 oz]

    • All natural, handmade olive oil soap, scented with pure, aromatherapeutic grade lavendin oil.
    • Lavendin is a hybrid of English and Portuguese lavender.
    • Castor oil gives a boost of lather and gentle conditioning.
    • Colored with alkanet root, a natural colorant made of dried Bugloss plant root. 
    • Lavender contains richly aromatic esters that contribute tonic and antispasmodic properties
    • Lavender is naturally antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory and has been used to promote respiratory relief.
    • Current batch features a cream colored background with swirls of heathered purple alkanet throughout.
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  • Rosemary Peppermint Soap

    No. 12: Stratosphere™ [Rosemary Peppermint Soap, 5.5 oz]


    We love the all natural color of this bar soap, made with calendula flowers and rosemary. Scented with rosemary and peppermint essential oils, this olive oil soap is mildly cleansing and gentle on skin. The luxuriously bubbly lather is sure to please any lover of all-natural soaps!

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  • cinnamon clove naturla soap bar

    No. 24: Clockwork Orange [Clove, Orange & Spice Soap, 5.5 oz]


    Treat your skin to loads of creamy lather. Treat your senses to the bright, warm scent of citrus and autumnal spices. Natural essential oils, natural color, this all natural, handmade soap is a natural wake-up call.

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  • Peppermint Handmade Natural Soap

    No. 25: Merriment [Peppermint Soap]

    • Made with our bubbly, moisturizing olive olive recipe.
    • Rich in lather!
    • Bright, peppermint scent
    • Beautiful, marbled swirls of rose kaolin clay!
    • Mild and gentle recipe is great for all skin types, and great for both faces and bodies. 
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  • Clary Sage Lavender Soap Bar

    No. 26: Clairvoyant™ [Clary Sage, Cedar & Lavender Soap, 5.5 oz]

    A beautiful bar of all natural olive oil soap featuring lavender, cedar and clary sage essential oils. Herbal and calm, soft and wispy. Light, fresh... mmmmmm. Learn More
  • Lavender oatmeal soap

    No. 30: Halcyon Days™ [Lavendin & Oatmeal Soap. 5.5 oz]

    • The calming scent of 100% Pure Lavendin (a highly prized hybrid of Lavender) relaxes the mind and body.
    • You'll love our moisturizing, signature Olive Oil soap blend!
    • Skin friendly oatmeal's scrubby texture helps to polish and remove dry skin.
    • Colored naturally with swirls of ground Alkanet Root.
    • Lusciously lathering and clean rinsing.
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  • handmade natural red tea soap

    No. 32: Royal Rooibos™ [Red Tea & Pink Grapefruit Soap, 5.5 oz]

    Our Royal Rooibos soap gets its warm, caramel color from Rooibos tea, commonly known as Red Tea. Strongly brewed tea is blended into our lusciously bubbly, gentle olive oil soap batter and scented with the sweet-tart tang of pink grapefruit and bergamot essential oils for a brightly refreshing all natural soap. Learn More
  • handmade lemongrass peppermint natural soap

    No.35: Synergistic™ [Lemongrass & Mint Soap, 5.5 oz.] ALL NEW!

    • Scented with pure, aromatherapeutic grade essential oils of lemongrass and mint.
    • Lusciously lathering olive oil soap recipe
    • Wonderful for all skin types(for head to toe cleaning!)
    • Mild, all natural handmade soap formula rinses cleanly leaving skin soft and moisturized.
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  • cherry sandalwood vanilla handmade natural soap

    No. 40: Isabella's Journey [Vanilla Soap with Sandalwood, Cocoa & Cherry, 5.5 oz.]

    • a sweet & The warm, soft scent of this all natural soap is perfect for soaking in the tub on a chilly evening.
    • 100% natural fragrance*
    • All natural colored swirls of cocoa powder and rose kaolin clay.
    • Made with our luxuriously bubbly, moisturizing olive oil soap recipe
    • Cleans gently
    • Rinses completely
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  • patchouli jasmine orange handmade natural soap
  • spicy geranium handmade soap

    No. 43 Pelargonium™[Spicy Geranium Soap, 5.5 oz.]

    A great spicy floral for fall! Named for the genus of plants commonly known as "geranium," our Pelargonium soap is made with loads of skin-friendly olive oil and a touch of castor for a bubbly and gentle cleanse. Rose clay, calendula flower and virgin palm oil create autumn-inspired swirls of festive color. Learn More
  • Handmade Natural Black Tea Soap

    No. 44: 4 O'Clock: [No Scent added Black Tea Soap, 5.5 oz.]

    • Wonderfully gentle, handmade olive oil soap bar made with English Breakfast Tea.
    • Cleanses mildly, rinses completely.
    • A favorite of those seeking unscented, visually and texturally intriguing natural soap.
    • Handmade from scratch~ No premade base, sulfates/parabens or petrochemicals.
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  • handmade natural grapefruit raspberry soap

    No. 46: Tart Temptation™ [Raspberry & Grapefruit Soap, 5.5 oz.]

    Warm and tart, our new all-natural handmade Raspberry & Grapefruit scented soap has been quite a crowd-pleaser at shows! Made with our signature olive oil soap batter and scented with Certified 100% natural fragrance, this soap lathers profusely, cleans gently and rinses completely. Learn More
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