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At The Natural Bar Soap Company, we passionately craft handmade natural soap using adventurously natural ingredients.

But we're also passionate about making natural soap that our customers will keep coming back for! Feeling hesitant? These testimonials from some of our addicted customers assure us that you'll love your soaps as much as they do!

We just love your soap. Your gift boxes are our "go to" gift when we need to get something thoughtful for anyone."
- Jim, of Maryland

I love the little lavender flowers on the top of my soap! Pretty!
- Jen R. of Maryland
Your soaps work as beautifully as they look and smell. It's been years since I've used bar soaps because they always left my skin feeling parched. Each of your soaps leave my skin feeling nourished.
- Michelle R. of Maryland
I think that I've tried at least half of what you sell and still haven't been able to choose just one as a favorite. I'm looking forward to trying Purification and Frankincense & Myrrh!
- Michelle R. of Maryland
I love the oatmeal. It acts like a gentle loofa. I used mine down to the last bit :)
- Larraine N. of Michigan
I really need to train myself to order soap BEFORE I'm out!! I can't stand using the stuff I used to use before finding you. Erin - you have spoiled me rotten!
- Andrea M. of Maryland
Tried the soap yesterday morning and loved it. It is the first homemade soap that I have used that lathers and truly made my skin feel good ....even later in the day.
- Susan H. of Pennsylvania
I gave my husband your Cedar Sage soap and your Drunken Punkin soap for Christmas, and he got some other natural soap from a gift exchange at work. Yours was superior in every way and he wants more!
- Christina E. of Virgina
Erin, your soaps are always beautiful and always wonderful. The fact that you have so many repeat customers speaks volumes about your product.
- Helen, of Pennsylvania